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Interior Life represents the LAGO manifesto, a message who emphasizes the responsibility of designing and realizing furnishings for all interior spaces, with the belief that everyone could influence in positive, even through them, contemporary lifes quality and so everyone's own "interior life"

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April 8/12 11:00 - 20:00
April 11 11:00 - 22:00
April 13 10:00 - 18:00



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08/12 Aprile 11:00 - 20:00 11 Aprile 11:00 - 22:00 13 Aprile 10:00 - 18:00


In the crowded world of domestic design, Lago takes its place as an emerging brand, thanks to a collection of stimulating products and a corporate philosophy which embraces interaction between business and art, coupled with on-going research into sustainable development.

Our core values are: quality of life, being together and re-claiming the home as domestic environment and no longer a transitory space; through the influences provided by the people who live there and who can enrich these spaces with design that combines quality with the right price.

A company headquarters with the spirit of a home. The central role in the business is once again occupied by the people; opening up the territory and promoting economic and cultural development in an intelligent manner : after all, the man who creates is also the man who uses.

A studio which hosts young university students and designers from around the world: creativity, friendship and the exchanges which enrich both the mind the work created, these elements come together in our products.

Simplicity in the forms - subtraction rather than decoration for its own sake; ample possibilities for customisation through colour and modularity; quality materials combined with the skill of the craftsman; accessible prices. These are the elements which make a Lago product immediately recognisable.

Tangram, Statica, Net, 36e8, Fluttua, 30mm, the NOW wardrobes and the new kitchens have all become icons within the collection, acclaimed by critics and market place alike.

In 2006 the company became a publicly listed company. Alongside the traditional family-based structure, recent years have witnessed a process of restructuring in management and production methodologies. A vital transition essential in order to be able to manage positive growth rates and face the difficult challenges of the international market place. Today, turnover is around €30 million, with around 150 employees (of which over 25% hired in 2008). An important new distribution strategy has also been initiated, with new shops opening around Europe, in partnership with major showrooms.

In today's market, it is essential that companies take note of the need of their customers. We try to go further, entering into discussion and debate through a study of how to enrich and involve the customer in the idea of bettering their life through the process of furnishing their home. In this way we have created the blog "Design Conversation ", Italy's first corporate blog.

Lago is continually involved in so-called "Lateral " projects, initiatives running in parallel with the work in development, production and the launch of new products. These Lateral projects see the participation of universities and emerging artists. Among these initiatives; the "Art Waiting Room", the first corporate waiting room transformed into an art gallery and "The Apartment-Lago Temporary Shop", a project launched during Salone del Mobile 2009 that perfectly embodies the continued reflection of Lago into the idea of redefining and re-inventing spaces for selling and putting together the company, its customers and the products.

Appartamento Lago
via Brera, 30 - II piano

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10:00 > 12:00 PAGINE ANIMATE
12:00 > 19:00 VEGAN showcooking
15:00 > 16:00 PoliDesign workshop
16:00 > 17:00 Marnie Campagnaro presenta la collezione di libri per bambini edita Corraini
18:00 > 19:00 Altra Velocità
10:00 > 12:00 Da Storia Nasce Storia
12:00 > 19:00 ETHNIC INDIAN showcooking
12:00 > 14:00 LAB-BRAINLUNCH
15:00 > 16:00 PoliDesign workshop
18:00 > 19:00 PAGINE ANIMATE
12:00 > 19:00 STREET FOOD showcooking with Pietro Platania chef
19:00 > 20:00 Showcooking a cura di Chef Rubio
10:00 > 21:00 FAIR TRADE
10:00 > 21:00 Cucina biologica in collaborazione con NaturaSi
10:00 > 19:00 MUNARIA workshop
11:00 > 18:00 Il mio letto è come...educational lab by Munaria (Bruno Munari method®)
10:00 > 21:00 Cucina biologica in collaborazione con NaturaSi
12:00 > 15:00 ORGANIC brunch by Ecor
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